Make your milking process faster with our high Milking machine and it also ensures the quality and hygiene of your milk. We are one of the leading Milking Machine Manufacturers in Chennai, who deliver high quality machines for milk production. Reduce your higher labour expenses in the dairy farm. The milk machine acts as the best replacement for the milk machine. Saves the labour cost and it also reduces the dependency of the farm workers. 3-4 times comparatively faster than hand milking. Increasing the good quality of milk and milk yield. Our milking machines introduce lots of advantages which allows the farms to operate it more effectively. Proper milking routine will reduce the stress of the stock at the same time it mainly improves the health of the animals which also ensures the daily harvest quality. In general, the daily farm needs dozens of employees to make the proper function despite the fact that when you are using the milking machines, only a few will be needed. Our professional workers are manufacturing the different types of Milking machinery, to know more details, kindly visit or dial up our services.

Manual Milking Machine:

  • Single Bucket type
  • Capacity 15 L
  • Stainless Steel Bucket
  • Applicable for bot cow & Buffalo

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